The Partners

The BreathSpec consortium consists of five partners from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. Each member of this close-knit team has either the technological expertise or the social understanding related to the use of mass spectrometry in breath diagnostics, thus contributing to the multidisciplinary nature of the project and its continuity. The expertise devoted to the successful implementation of the project’s tasks range from statistical analysis and clinical research, to management and manufacturing, as follows:


imspex diagnostics ltd

A world leading business in the field of Ion Mobility Spectrometry, IMSPEX Diagnostics’s main focus is in solving analytical needs by providing turn-key, automated and simple solutions. IMSPEX’s development team is multidisciplinary with extensive experience in business development, analytical science, and Ion Mobility Spectrometry.

gas gmbh

GAS GmbH is a leading manufacturer in customized and easy-to-use analytical instruments. The company comprises of a group of analytical chemists, electrical and electronic engineers, hardware specialists, software developers and customer service specialists. The company’s mission is to develop trend setting instruments that are portable or used as on-line monitoring devices.

G.A.S. logo.png


statistica medica

Headquartered in Dublin, StatisticaMedica is one of the top 10 CROs in Europe. With expertise in statistics and epidemiology; data management and bio-informatics; health economics and regulatory issues, they focus on enhancing the quality of the data to support medical research. The company boasts a strong team of statisticians, bio-informaticians, survey methodologists, health economists as well as an extensive network of research institutes and specialist partner organizations across Europe and the US.

university of warwick

The School of Engineering and the Biomedical Sensors Laboratory (BSL) of the University of Warwick has a strong expertise in developing novel and disruptive sensor technologies that can can be applied to the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases is a major strength within the department – leading to new, faster and cost-effective medical tools, specifically for artificial olfaction.



Redknight consultancy ltd

RedKnight Consultancy Ltd supports small companies and other organisations to access and manage funds for research and innovation. RedKnight’s experience in project management and communication techniques has given the team an all-rounded experience in all aspects relevant to the project coordination, including: reporting, cost statements, partner support, communication and dissemination and event organization.